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Bespoke CRM Systems and Business Applications

Bespoke Business Applications

A cumputerised business system has many advantages over manual systems to improve productivity. At Zimma we develop on-line bespoke applications to fit exactly with your business processes.

Why not use an off-the-shelf system?

There are many off-the-shelf applications available and if you find one that fits your business perfectly then you will be very lucky. The more specific the requirements, the less likely you will find something that fits and using the wrong tool could waste a lot of time and money and outweigh the benefits of a computerised system.

Why on-line?

On-line applications can be accessed from anywhere by anyone. There is no installation process or any data stored on local computers. This means that anyone in your team or your customers can log in and use the system from anywhere. Running in an on-line environment provides easy access to external systems such as emailing notifications, sending SMS reminders and pulling data feeds from providers.